How to Create PMP Deals

PMP (Private Marketplace) deals are exclusive invite-only auctions where a publisher and an advertiser execute a negotiated deal on the specific inventory. This feature allows you to create PMP deals on the platforms and add them to your campaigns.

To create a PMP deal, follow the steps below:

1)  Go to the PMP Deals tab in the main menu.

2)  Click Add PMP Deal.

3) Fill in the New PMP Deal from:

  • for Status, select Active if you want this deal to be set live when it is created; select Inactive if you want this deal to be paused when it is created;
  • for Name, enter the PMP Deal name;
  • for Advertiser, select an Advertiser for the deal;
  • for Publisher, select a Publisher for the deal;
  • for Start Date, set the date for deal to start;
  • for End Date, set the date for deal to end;
  • for Deal ID, enter the Deal ID provided by the Publisher;
  • for CPM Price, set the price and select its attribute.

4) Click Save PMP Deal to create a deal.

Once the PMP Deal is created, add it to the Ad Set. To do that, proceed as follows:

1)   Go to the Campaign you want to add the PMP deal to and click Ad Sets.

2) In Ad Sets, click New Ad Set.

3) Create Ad Set and go to the Supply tab.

4) Select your Supply Partner:

  • select Private Marketplace Exchange;
  • check the inventory type you need;
  • select the PMP deal and click Add.

5) Click Save Ad Set to finalize the changes.

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