How to Create a Bid List


1. Bid List

2. Available Formats

Bid Lists allow you to set a specific value of bid for any site of interest within the same advertising campaign. You can create Bid Lists independently without starting a campaign and then add them, or Bid Lists can be created while setting up a new campaign.

Bid Lists

Follow the steps below to create a bid list:

1) Go to the Lists tab.

2) In the Bid Lists tab, click Add a Bid List.

3) Fill in the New Bid List form:

  • For Status, select Active if you want this unit to be set live when it is created; select Inactive if you want this unit to be paused when it is created.
  • For List Name, enter the Bid list name.
  • For Advertiser, select the Advertiser who will use this list.
  • For Upload File, select the way to upload domains. There are two ways to do that:a)  Manual Edit - you enter domains manually and click Add.

b)  Upload from file - you select a txt, csv file with a list of sources on your device.

4) Click Save Bid List to finalize the changes. 

Once the Bid List is created, you can add it to your ad set in the targeting section.

Available Formats

Now you can add to a bid list not only domains but also the following parameters and combine them.

The structure is the following:  parameter :value:operation with a bid.
Parameter Value Examples
user_id enter a user ID, e.g. 18159 user_id:18159:*0.9
data_segment enter a segment ID, e.g. 214589 data_segment:214589:+0.1
enter an IP, e.g. ip:
useragent:mozilla/5.0 (iphone; cpu iphone os 11_2_2 like mac os x) applewebkit/604.4.7 (khtml, like gecko) MObile/15c202:-0.1
ssp_id enter an SSP ID, e.g. 110 ssp_id:110:-0.2
publisher_id enter a publisher ID, e.g. 48965 publisher_id:48965:+1
domain enter a domain, e.g.
site_id enter a site ID, e.g. 41563 site_id:41563:/0.5
placement enter a placement, e.g. 202022 placement:202022:+0.3
inventory_type  site, app inventory_type:site:+0.3
site_category  enter a site category, e.g. IAB1 site_category:IAB1:*0.5
zone_position  unknown, above_the_fold, below_the_fold, ad_position_fullscreen, footer, header, sidebar
zone_positi on:below_the_fold:*0.2
carrier  enter a carrier, e.g. SFR carrier:SFR:+0.4
device  mobile, computer, tablet, other device:mobile:*0.4
connection_type  enter a connection type: wifi, cellular, ethernet connection_type:wifi:-0.1
ISP  enter an Internet provider, e.g. Orange isp:orange:+0.1
OS  enter an operation system, e.g. android 6 os:android 6:-0.9
weekday  MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SU weekday:fr:*0.4
hour  put the number from 0 to 23 hour:15:-0.3
country / region / city / zip enter country / region / city / zip country:usa:/0.2
creative_id  enter a creative id, e.g. 38746 creative_id:38746:+0.7
size  enter an ad size, e.g. 320x50 size:320x50:-0.2
player_size enter a video player size, e.g. 300x250 player_size:300x250:/0.1
video_options player_size_small, player_size_medium, player_size_large, player_size_in_banner, linear_format_pre_roll, linear_format_mid_roll, linear_format_post_roll, content_initiation_auto_play, content_initiation_click_to_play, audio_on, audio_off, skippable, rewarded, in_stream, out_stream, in_banner

Register is of no importance.
Operations with a bid:
+ --- add to a bid
-  --- deduct from a bid
*  --- multiply a bid
/  --- divide a bid 

NB! If you use more than one rule, e.g. country:usa:+0.2 and device:mobile:+0.3 in case when both rules are followed 0.5 (0.2+0.3) will be added to the bid. 

For more information about formats of lists, please follow the link

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