How to setup conversion tracking with Binom

Postback URL allows you to track conversions using a third-party tracking platform and send the information about conversions to Platform.IO reports. This way you can track ROI on the reports page and optimize campaigns to achieve better results. As a rule, Postback URL is used for CPA campaigns.

Conversions tracking setup with Binom has never been easier with this short setup guide. Just follow the next steps:

1) Log in into your Binom account at

2) Click Traffic source Tab - + Create.

3) Populate the fields as shown at the image below. Use{clickid}&price={payout} Postback URL with Binom's External ID and Payout tokens (both of them are mandatory).

Full list of macros at Platform.Io DSP can be found here:

4) Create a Campaign at Binom, getting a Campaign URL - a link which you should send your traffic to; it’s generated after saving the campaign. It contains all tokens configured for the traffic source.

Detailed information on the campaign's creation at Binom can be found here:

5) Create a Campaign at Platform.IO DSP and use a Campaign URL from Binom as a Click-through URL for a corresponding Ad(s).

Please note tracker using Postback from these settings will send conversions for all your campaigns. If you need to send conversions for a certain campaign only, just use S2S Postback in the campaign's Advanced settings.

6) Launch your Campaigns and start counting conversions ;)

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