How to setup conversion tracking with Voluum

Postback URL allows you to track conversions using a third-party tracking platform and send the information about conversions to Platform.IO reports. This way you can track ROI on the reports page and optimize campaigns to achieve better results. As a rule, Postback URL is used for CPA campaigns.

To setup conversion tracking with Voluum, please follow the next steps:

1) Log in into your Voluum account at

2) Click Traffic source Tab - New traffic source - Create Custom

3) Populate the fields as shown at the image below. Use{clickid}&price={payout} Postback URL with Voluum's External ID and Payout tokens (both of them are mandatory).

You can also use other tokens depending on your needs.

Full list of macros at Platform.IO DSP can be found here:

4) Create a Campaign at Voluum, getting a Campaign URL - a link which you should send your traffic to; Campaign URL will be available after saving the campaign.

Detailed information on the campaign's creation at Voluum can be found here:

Please note you can use two variants of Conversion reporting to traffic source: default (using predefined postback) or custom (unique postback for a specific campaign).

5) Create a Campaign at Platform.IO DSP and use a Campaign URL from Voluum as a Click-through URL for a corresponding Ad(s).

6) That's it! No conversions will remain unnoticed!

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