What is Platform.IO and who can benefit from it?

What are the major challenges of Programmatic Buying nowadays? Most of the industry experts name the following:

  1. Ad Fraud and Brand Safety
  2. Inventory Quality and Viewability
  3. Lack of transparency
  4. Difficult-to-understand ecosystem
  5. Technological challenges

How is it possible to ensure high inventory quality, brand safety, and transparency inside an easy-to-use system having advanced technological background? The answer is Platform.IO DSP. 

Platform.io DSP is an ultimate yet customizable white-label RTB/XML/Header-Bidder solution for digital ad agencies, networks, and brands who strive to build a unique, transparent, and profitable media-trading ecosystem.

What do we offer?

Versatile Anti-Fraud Protection

Stay safe with the established leaders of the industry. All of the pre-integrated anti-fraud vendors are completely free of charge. We work with the leading vendors in the industry, including The Media Trust, GeoEdge, and Integral Ad Science (IAS).
...and we offer our in-house filters as well! If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write to us.

Full transparency

Be the one who takes full control over the ecosystem. No hidden costs and commissions attached. We work on a flat fee rate only making it extremely easy to track your performance and always know what you are paying for.

Easy-to-use advanced technology

  • Modular architecture: Get a fast but unique solution for your business. Connect the entire Platform.IO complex or some of its modules in just a few clicks.
  • RTB Core: Work with any region and source 24/7. Build your own platform without investing time and tons of money into developing the whole infrastructure from scratch!
  • Header Bidding: Keep up to date: bid on publisher-side auctions with Header-Bidder adapters for prebid.js and prebid server.
  • Raw Bidstream Export: The one who owns the information owns the world. Start exporting raw data to build audiences according to your needs.
  • Custom Algorithms & Real-Time API: Take advantage of our powerful real-time APIs by using custom bidding algorithms to increase the efficiency of your media buying.
  • Advanced targeting & Optimization: We offer world-class Ads targeting: there are 16 targeting options available. Unleash the power of AI by using AI-based Optimization Rules.

Full customizability

Use versatile white-labeling capabilities to build a unique media-buying ecosystem just for your needs:
- Logos 
- Favicons 
- Custom CSS 
- Custom UI Domain 
- Custom JS 
- White-label CDN/XML/RTB domains 
... and many more!

Low start-up costs

There are no setup fees! Really. You pay just a flat fee each month.

Short time-to-market

The white-label setup takes just 1 day - the shortest start time in the industry! No need to wait for weeks to get started. 

Did we miss anything?

No worries! We offer custom development as well. Just get in touch with us to make your DSP the most suitable one for your needs.

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