Setting up your white-label DSP

Platform.IO/DSP allows WL owners to customize the platform according to their own needs. In order to start customizing your White-label DSP, you need to open the ‘’Settings’’ tab in the right top corner menu on the platform.

At the profile settings page, you will many options to redesign your platform:

Name: Type your new platform name in this field.

Logo and Favicon: You can easily set a new logo and favicon simply by uploading them here. 

CSS: Paste your CSS here in order to implement a new custom style for your platform.

UI Domain: your custom UI domain can be set in that field.
Authorized users JS: place here the JS code you want to execute after the user logins the platform
Unauthorized users JS: paste here the JS code that will initiate before the user logins the platform
Support Email, Knowledge Base: enter your support’s email as well as a link to your knowledge base to render assistance to your clients. 
Terms of Service,  Privacy Policy: specify the links to your own legal documents.
RTB Domain, XML Domain,  CDN Domain: use your own domains to customize URLs for sending bids, postback, pixel codes, SSP Endpoints, etc.
RTB Domain for DoubleClick,  CDN Domain for DoubleClick: use your own domains to send bids to DoubleClick.
Min Ad Set Budget Pacing: adjust the minimum ad set budget and deposit amount for your advertisers.
Min Deposit Budget: set the minimum deposit amount for your advertisers.
Remove "Powered by": remove the Platform.IO logo for $9,99/day.

At the Channels tab, you can adjust the minimum bids for Display, native, Video, Pop, and Push channels.

The Users tab allows you to set the commission and margin for your advertisers and publishers as well as enable or disable a sign-up for them.

The Integrations tab allows setting any suitable channel for all the financial transactions between you and your advertisers. You can integrate CC or PayPal option, or use or WebMoney integration as well.

The Policy tab contains the text areas for your relevant Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Rules of Service. Your advertisers must accept them during the sign-up process. 

And don't forget to save the changes every time you move to another tab!

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