User management at the platform

Platform.IO/DSP provides different opportunities for its clients depending on their roles. The general hierarchy of roles looks the following way:

Such hierarchy provides for extremely straightforward user management across the platform. You, being a platform's owner, are able to manage both Agencies and Advertisers/Publishers, while Agencies are in charge of managing their own Advertisers and Publishers if needed.

It is also possible to use just one default Agency if you are going to manage all of your Advertisers/Publishers directly. Easy as that!

As an administrator (the platform's owner), you can create separate profiles for your customers. You can easily do it following these steps.

Open the User setup tab in the right top corner.

New Agency

Choose Agencies and press Add Agency:

Agencies are a middle element in this chain between you and your advertisers. You can categorize your advertisers in agencies in order to make the workflow more comfortable. For instance, it can be very helpful if one of your clients is a marketing-agency having their own advertisers.

On this page, you can set the budget for a new agency and the margin for all of its advertisers.

New Advertiser

Choose Advertisers and press Add Advertiser:

You also need to set different financial terms for the new advertiser. This includes credit, commission, and margin.

Note: Advertisers see the margin but don’t see the commission that you set.

New publisher

PlatformIO/DSP allows you to establish a connection with publishers straightaway and manage the relations with them. 
In order to create a new publisher, choose  Publishers and press  Add Publisher:
After that, you will need to give a name and status to your new publisher. Also, you need to assign it to one of your agencies.
Then you need to set the commission and payment type for your relations. Choose between WebMoney, PayPal, Capitalist, or Bank transfer  


While Organization, Agency, Advertiser, and Publisher are roles, User is an entity, which is used to log in the platform and assign permissions. 

To create a user and assign a particular Organization, Agency, Advertiser, or Publisher, just go to the User tab - Add User.

When creating users you are free to give grant them different kinds of permissions depending on their type of account.

After that, the client will be able to access the platform at a sign-in page and manage his/her account by himself/herself.

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