Create a new campaign

Platform.IO DPS has implemented a comfortable model of creating and managing your advertising campaigns. The campaigns at Platform.IO consists of several levels:

Campaign ➝ AdSet (a.k.a. Strategy) ➝ Ads.

This model provides a more extensive and comfortable way of managing your campaigns. For example, you can set different strategies for different types of Ads within one campaign.

In order to start your first campaign, press the Advanced campaign button inside the Campaigns tab.

The first step - campaign setup - consists of 3 steps: 

General campaign settings

Status - specify the status of your campaign.

Advertiser - select an advertiser to run the offer with.

Select Campaign Name and Category (according to IAB).

Allocate a daily budget for the campaign. You can also add Budget flights to run your campaign during pre-defined periods of time with a specific budget for each period.

Conversion Tracking

At this step, you will be able to add a conversion tracking with the help of pixels or Postback (S2S) URL and send the information about conversions to Platform.IO reports. This way you can track ROI on the reports page and optimize campaigns to achieve better results.

More information on how to set a conversion tracking can be found here.

You can also capture the conversions to a segment for retargeting.

Site lists

At this step, you are able to add site lists to whitelist or blacklist specific sources. Please find a full list of available formats here.

Site lists add at this stage will be applied to all of the Ad Sets inside the campaign.

That's it! We are one step closer to launching our first campaign. The next step is adding a new Ad Set.

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