Creating an Ad Unit

The last step of setting up a campaign is adding an Ad or Ads to an Ad Set.

To do so, please press Create Ad. Let's take a Display Ad as an example.

In a new tab, please specify the Ad Name, Advertiser.

For Display (and Video as well) we support two types of Ads: Hosted (uploading an Ad to our Ad Server) or Ad Tag (adding a tag generated at some external Ad Server). We do support HTML5 tags as well.

Upload the banner itself (git, png, jpg, and jpeg are supported).

Specify the banner Dimensions, Advertiser domain (for instance, if you are advertising some Nike sneakers), Ad Attributes (if any), and Click-through URL (a URL an end-user will be redirected to after clicking at the banner). Please mind the supported macros while adding a Click-through URL.

Once the Ad has been created, just select it and press Add.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first campaign! 😀

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