What macros can I use?

Here is the list of available macros:

[RANDOM_NUMBER] - ensures that a fresh call is made to the ad server every time the code is executed

[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]  - inserts an unencoded click-redirect URL into your creative markup

[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] - inserts an encoded click-redirect URL into your creative markup

[USER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the visitor

[IFA] - returns a device IFA

[USERAGENT] - returns a browser name

[IP] - returns user’s IP

[LAT] - returns latitude, where negative is south

[LON] - returns longitude, where negative is north

[REQUEST_ID] - returns a bid request ID

[BID_ID] - returns a unique bid ID

[IMPRESSION_ID] - returns a unique impression ID

[CLICK_ID] - returns a unique click ID

[SITE_ID] - returns a unique website ID

[PUBLISHER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites

[SSP_ID] - returns a unique SSP ID

[HTTP_REFERRER] - returns HTTP referrer of the visitor

[PAGE_URL] -- returns a page URL

[DOMAIN] - returns the domain name

[PROTOCOL] - - returns used protocol (e.g. http, https)

[PLACEMENT_ID] - returns a unique ad placement ID

[COUNTRY_CODE] - returns a unique country code

[COUNTRY] - returns a country name

[REGION] - returns a region name

[CITY] - returns a city name

[PLACE] - returns a place name

[APP_NAME] - returns an app name

[APP_BUNDLE] - returns a unique platform specific application identifier

[ORGANIZATION_NAME] - returns an organization name

[AGENCY_NAME] - returns an agency name

[ADVERTISER_NAME] - returns an advertiser name

[CAMPAIGN_NAME] - returns a campaign name

[STRATEGY_NAME] - returns a strategy name

[CREATIVE_NAME] - returns a creative name

[ORGANIZATION_ID] - returns an organization ID

[AGENCY_ID] - returns an agency ID

[ADVERTISER_ID] - returns an advertiser ID

[CAMPAIGN_ID] - returns a unique campaign ID in our system

[STRATEGY_ID] - returns a strategy ID

[CREATIVE_ID] - returns a unique creative ID in our system

[WIDTH] - returns a banner width

[HEIGHT] - returns a banner height

[VIDEO_DURATION] - returns a video duration

[BID_PRICE] - returns winning price of the impression.

There are several types of display tags you can run in our platform. Below are the examples of how each of them looks like:

  1. JS tag:
    <script src=" https://cdn.yourdomain.com/banner.js?click-redirect=[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]&domain=[DOMAIN]"></script>
  2. Iframe tag:

    <iframe src=" https://cdn.yourdomain.com/banner.js?click-redirect=[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]&domain=[DOMAIN]"></iframe>
  3. HTML tag:

    <img src=" https://cdn.yourdomain.com/banner.jpg?click-redirect=[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]&domain=[DOMAIN]"/>

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