How to get amount of volume available across Platform.IO inventory

The Reports page allows you to see available volume per domain, SSP or geography as well as see the list of available SSPs and domains.

To make it easier for you, we created several presets that will allow you to get access to this information faster. For example, the Volume by Domains preset will allow you to see the list of available domains as well as the monthly avails for these domains.

To get access to the presets, please go to the Reports page and select one of the available presets from Report type.

You can apply different filters to refine the reporting results. For example, if you want to see only domains for the web display mobile traffic, please select the following filters:

  • Strategy Channel - Display
  • Inventory Type - Web
  • Device - Mobile

The final report page should look like this:

You can also select different dimensions from Report Dimensions. For example, you can check the volume by ad size or device type.

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