How to create Pixels and add them to Campaigns

Pixels allow you to collection and store information on the customers, or track conversions

To create Pixels, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the Pixels tab in the main menu.

2) Click Add Data Pixel.

3) Fill in the New Pixel form:

  • for Status, select Active if you want this deal to be set live when it is created; select Inactive if you want this deal to be paused when it is created;
  • for Pixel Name, enter the name;
  • for Advertiser, select the client who will use this unit;
  • for Pixel Group, select a group from the list or create a new one;
  • for Pixel Type, select Data Pixel if you want to capture and retarget the audience; select Event Pixel if you want to track conversions;
  • for External Segment ID, enter the segment you assign to the IDs on the list you want to import (for example, mySegmentId);
  • for Lifetime, days, set the period during which the user’s data will be kept in the pixel.

4) Click Save to save the changes.

To add Pixels to your Campaign, follow the steps listed below:

1) In Campaign click Strategies, choose one and than click Targeting.

2)  Click My Data.

3) Check the Pixel you want to add and click Include. The Pixel will be marked as Include.

4) Click Save to finalize. 

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